The emphasis of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is on preparing future generations to be successful in their careers. The skills gained from STEM education extend beyond those needed to be successful in STEM fields, preparing children with varied interests who move into any industry to have valuable skill sets that allow them to be successful. 21st-century skills include digital and technology literacy, productivity, social skills, communication, flexibility, and initiative. Other skills that could be attained through STEM education include computational thinking, problem-solving, mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure, and more.

There are a lot of factors deterring students from pursuing STEM education and engineering-related fields such as school Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and pass-fail statistics, social and parental influence, school implementation, heavy theory-based classes, lack of adequate lab facilities, misinformation, lack of creative outlet, to name a few. The school KPIs and pass-fail statistics may lead to the decline in STEM subject class sizes. Social media influencers may set trends that demotivate the students from pursuing engineering-related courses.

To increase the students’ enrollment in STEM fields and draw their interest in STEM education, SEAMEO RECSAM initiates to organize ISEE 2022 to draw the interest of the students. This event also aims to provide correct information regarding the further education and future career through the industrial exhibition and education fair. The education fair acts as an effective platform for the students to explore their study options before making an informed decision on what course to pursue to realize their fulfilling careers. It helps the students to receive related information from representatives of colleges, institutes, and universities directly so that the students can get a deeper insight into their study preferences as well as choose the right course and institutes. The students can access information on a range of scholarships and funding opportunities from the participating institutes. This event is open to the students from Southeast Asia to promote the spirit of creativity and inventiveness among school students and develop innovative curricula of emerging technology themes.

SEAMEO RECSAM is an international organisation placed under Minister of Education Malaysia working towards achieving regional, national and international recognition as a Centre of Excellence for training, as well as research and development in science, mathematics, and technology education in the SEAMEO Member Countries, with the vision and mission of leading centre for quality science and mathematics education and to promote and enhance Science and Mathematics Education in the SEAMEO member countries. SEAMEO RECSAM as the leading Centre in Science and Mathematics education has been championing promotion of related activities through teacher education and capacity building programmes. We believe that education is essential in attaining sustainability, and the present generation of youths, regarded as the hope of future, should play a crucial role to achieve this mission. To increase the student enrollment in STEM fields and draw the students' interest in STEM education, SEAMEO RECSAM with its initiative to organize ISEE 2022. We aim to draw the interest of the students through STEM exhibitions and at the meantime provide correct information regarding the further education and future career through the industrial exhibition and education fair.