(ISEE) 2022 is an artistic, creative, innovative, imaginative, as well as inspirational, alternative concept to the typical Science Fair which acts as a framework for teaching and learning across the disciplines. It is striving to give students a place to exhibit their work alongside entertainment and learning opportunities for the whole family. The participants can share their projects, as well as ideas with their friends, parents, and people who visit the fair. ISEE 2022 contributes to the social development of students and increases the skills of the presentation. It includes the STEM-based activities and interactive exhibits from local scientists, organizations, schools, colleges, universities, factories, industries, and companies. This serves as a venue to showcase educational opportunities and viable career paths from elementary through high school with learning output exhibiting student-generated work connecting students with their community. Hence this event can broaden the students’ horizons involving a variety of STEM projects and exhibition from local, national, or global companies, factories and universities.

Theme: “Connecting Regionally, Foreseeing Globally”
Date: 14 -16 December 2022 (3 days)
Time: 9am to 5pm
Target Participants: Primary/Secondary Science and/ or Mathematics Teachers/ Students and College/ University/ IPG/ Matriculation Students
Open to Public (Free Entrance)