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What is the LS&M Online Journal?

The Learning Science and Mathematics (LS&M) is a journal targeting science and mathematics classroom teachers as well as educators concerned with the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in the primary and secondary classroom. 


The LS&M Online Journal replaces the Classroom Teacher, which was a print only journal but with a similar purpose of improving the quality of science and mathematics education in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. To enable the journal to reach a wider audience and faster, LS&M is being published by SEAMEO RECSAM for free and online. 


As a media for discourse, development of ideas and exchange of ideas in the teaching and learning of science and mathematics, LS&M is currently published November each year. We invite articles on science and mathematics education which might be of interest to teachers and teacher educators. We solicit high quality articles which are easy to understand that discusses the practice of teaching and learning science and mathematics.  Apart from that, articles in the form of action research and evaluation studies are also welcome. Readers and authors who intend to contribute articles are to refer to the “Note to Contributors” section and send their articles three months before the publication of the journal for the year.


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