To support its role as a regional training institution, SEAMEO RECSAM seeks dynamic and highly motivated candidates to fill the following positions:

Training Programme Division
1. Mathematics Education Specialist
2. Science Education Specialist
3. Technology Education Specialist

Research and Development Division
1. Mathematics Education Specialist
2. Science Education Specialist
3. Technology Education Specialist

1. Requirements:
a. From the Education Service, Ministry of Education (secondment basis) or others, including pensioners, with wide experience in the field of education (contract basis).
b. Have at least a Master's degree in the relevant area.
c. First degree must be in either science/mathematics/computer science/education technology/ subjects related to science or mathematics/computer science.
d. Excellent command of written and spoken English.
e. At least ten years of experience in teaching.
f. Experienced in writing and research & development.

2. Duties and Responsibilities (Please refer to attachment A for details):
a. Conduct courses in the related fields.
b. Conduct research and development projects.
c. Assist the Centre to conduct special projects, e.g. conferences and workshops.

3. Salary:
a. Secondment from Ministry of Education of SEAMEO Member Countries:
T1S1 RM4249.25 - T1S10 RM6364.35
T2S1 RM4452.41 - T2S10 RM6726.11
T3S1 RM4663.92 - T3S10 RM7096.26
Commencing salary will be at least two increments more than current salary in home service.

b. Contract:
T1S1 RM2622.43 - T1S10 RM5649.51
T2S1 RM2721.32 - T2S10 RM5961.90
T3S1 RM2825.55 - T3S10 RM6297.28

Commencing salary will be subject to negotiation.

The above salary scales are in the process of adjustment in line with the recent announcement by the Government of Malaysia to increase the salaries of civil servants.

4. Benefits:
a. Housing allowance RM700.00 per month
b. Entertainment allowance RM500.00 per month (Contract staff)
RM550.00 per month (Seconded staff)
c. Cost of living allowance RM300.00 per month

5. Other Benefits:
a. Medical/dental/spectacle
b. Annual leave
c. Maternity leave
d. Paternity leave
e. Organisational leave
f. Compassionate leave
g. Sabbatical leave
h. Installation grant (For secondment staff from outside Malaysia only)
i. Non-contractual annual incentive payment
j. Computer loan
k. Welfare loan
l. Sponsorship to attend conferences, seminars, workshops etc.
m. Networking with the global educational fraternities.
n. Conducive physical and educational environment for self and professional development.

6. Terms of Appointment:

The successful candidate will be offered a two (2) year contract. The Centre may renew the appointment depending on the satisfactory performance of the candidate and, for seconded staff, subject to approval of the Ministry of Education and Public Service Department. Candidates from the Education Service must submit their applications through their Heads of Departments.

Interested applicants for the above posts are requested to submit their application forms and referee report, together with supporting documents to the address below:-
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
11700 Gelugor
Pulau Pinang










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