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Linkages & Collaborations

The RECSAM/Deakin ‘twinning program’ is a collaborative program involving a formal partnership between RECSAM and Deakin University, Australia. The twinning program has a special focus on studies in mathematics education, science and environmental education, and information technology education. Studies are available at both Masters and Doctoral levels.

Information about applying for admission to the program should be made to:


Other linkages and collaborations are as shown below

The Colombo Plan
Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)
ITNM (Malaysia): Translation of Science, Mathematics and IT Works
University of British Columbia (CIDA): Consultancy and Staff Development
RETRAC (Vietnam):  Regular and Customised Courses
BP (Asia Pacific): Science Across Asia Pacific Project
IKIP Semarang (Indonesia): Collaboration in Training and Research
Deakin University (Australia): Post-Graduate  Studies
IED (Malaysia):  Consultancy on Aspects of Physical/Facilities Development
Lao PDR: Human Resource Development and Consultancy
IPST (Thailand): Collaboration in Training and Research
VOCTECH (Brunei Darussalam): Collaboration in Training and Research
RIHED/KHURUSAPHA (Thailand): Exchange of Expertise Research and Development
IED/Freudenthal Institute (Utrect University of the Netherlands):  Collaborative Action Research
8 Partner Schools (Malaysia):  Research and Development
University of Durham (UK): Consultancy and Staff Development
UP-ISMED (Philippines):  Collaboration in Research and Development
New Zealand Government:  Consultancy and Staff Development
Universiti Sains Malaysia: Distance Education, Consultancy and Facilities Development

List of RECSAM Partner Schools more


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