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SEAMEO RECSAM conducts four kinds of courses:- Regular courses, Customized courses, Workshops and In-Country training..

Regular Courses are run according to a set schedule throughout the year. Participants are educators nominated by the education ministry of the 11 SEAMEO member countries. You may however want to participate as an individual in these four week courses.

Customized Courses are held to respond to the special needs of Member Countries and other agencies which are not adequately address in the regular programme of training courses. These special tailor-made programme of varying duration may be held in-country or at RECSAM.

Workshops are enrichment activities offered by SEAMEO RECSAM to all SEAMEO member countries for their teachers/teacher educators. They are entirely conducted in RECSAM. The workshops will be conducted for Primary or Secondary Science, Mathematics and Technology Education ranging from half a day to a maximum of five days duration.

In-country Training courses are offered by SEAMEO RECSAM to all SEAMEO member countries for their teachers/teacher educators to be trained in their own countries. The courses will be conducted upon country request for their Primary or Secondary Science and Mathematics teachers/teacher educators for up to five days (30 hours) duration

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