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Upon its inception in 1967, SEAMEO RECSAM was mandated to provide the needs of SEAMEO member countries in the development and enhancement of expertise in science and mathematics education in these countries. Towards this goal, SEAMEO RECSAM has all along embarked on activities in four main areas, namely:

(a) Training
(b) Research and Development
(c) Consultancy work
(d) Convenor of conferences, seminars and workshops pertaining to science and mathematics education.

Over the years, SEAMEO RECSAM has grown from strength to strength, and we are constantly improving our physical facilities as well as the quality of our training programmes. Physically, significant changes began when the Centre was conferred autonomous status in October 1994. These include upgrading of facilities like the Residence Halls; Administration Block; Science, Mathematics and Computer Laboratories; Library Block; Dining Block and resource materials which are IT-based.

However, autonomy also comes with responsibility, especially in revenue-generation to help maintain the functions of the Centre. Thus, business development becomes an increasingly important area in the designing of activities of the Centre. We are now in a position to reflect on the necessity of maintaining a healthy balance between revenue-generating activities and our core business as mandated in SEAMEO RECSAMs charter. With effective and efficient management of our resources, we endeavour to improve our financial standing in order to continue providing the kind of quality programmes and facilities, as expected of is by regional and international clients.

In this respect, we are deeply indebted to the Government of Malaysia, through the Ministry of Education, for the unwavering support we have enjoyed all these years, in the earnest endeavor to achieve our multifarious objectives.

Centre Director

Dr. HJ. Mohd Johan bin Zakaria
E-mail: director@recsam.edu.my



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